How do football players get concussion if their wearing a helmet?

Cindy Gonzalez, Contributor

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Concussions, also known as traumatic brain injuries, occur when your brain violently impacts the inside of your skull. Concussions are unfortunately common for college athletes. Despite having a host of long-term symptoms and effects, protective gear manufacturers and athletic institutions, including the NCAA and NAIA, are only just now taking these injuries seriously. Your coach may have even told you to re-enter the game after you were injured. College athletics organizations are obligated to take care of their people. When they don’t, they should be held responsible.If you’ve been told that you “just hit your head,” you need to re-evaluate your injury. Concussions can permanently damage your brain function, your ability to think or work, and even your susceptibility to substance addiction. Shrader & Associates has decades of experience representing injured victims in court against the institutions and companies who should have protected them better. If you had a concussion while playing football or any other sport, please talk to our firm: We may be able to help. And it costs nothing to talk with us.

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How do football players get concussion if their wearing a helmet?